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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I am Thankful for My Hands (Primary Manual 1, Lesson 17)

Sunbeam Lesson 17: I am Thankful for My Hands

We had a lot of fun today!  We talked about our hands and everything they can do and feel.  On half a piece of cardstock (landscape) I typed My Hands Can Feel Many Things! at the bottom and on the other side I typed My hands are unique!  I cut the sheet in half.  During class I traced their hands on each of the pieces.  On the paper that talked about feeling things we glued things they could touch/feel.  I just searched the house to find things I already had that were of different texture.  Here is the one I made ahead of time:
I cut the items at home so we could just glue them on (their hands are tiny, you need small pieces-smaller than I thought - I had to trim most of them). I also brought my hot glue gun to help them stick better.  Each finger had an item glued on and I found so many I put two more on the palm.  I ended up with felt, sandpaper, furry materiel, boa, cotton ball, bubble wrap, aluminum foil.  They loved to feel the different items.
With the other hand we talked about how each hand is unique.  I used a stamp pad to put their fingerprints on this hand (don't forget the baby wipes):

Those hands went in a gallon Ziploc baggie:
I placed a label on it so the parents knew what our lesson was all about:
In the bag I also included other things they can do with their hands:
Bubble wrap.  I also gave them a smaller piece to pop in class.  We did that during the lesson and then they had the large piece in their bag to pop at home.

This hand I printed off my Primary Partners CD.  It is double sided and glued together like a mitt.
 We eat with our hands so they had goldfish crackers:
 And I found this cute worksheet that they color with their hands (link at end of post with the downloads).

I forgot to add it before I took pictures, but clay (or play dough) was in there too.

The kids loved doing everything with their hands and taking home a bag of things to do.  Our lesson and making the hands filled the time, but if you had extra time they could color one of the sheets during class.

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Download Editable Labels (may lose font, but there are other labels on the sheet)
Download PDF Labels (the font will looked how I used it)
Link to church hands worksheet is here