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Saturday, February 5, 2011


I started off the year challenging my class.  There are several things I did and I'll try to cover them here:
  • First since this year's theme is "I  Know the Scriptures are True" I wanted them to challenge them to read the Book of Mormon.  It is 531 pages long so I gave the them the challenge to read 2 pages a day (if they read two a day it should take them 266 days - lots of extra days in there to make up reading).  This can be done individually or with their families.  I made a tracking sheet for them to keep track of what they have read.  Actually, I modified one I found here.  I just added a line of boxes below it so there would be enough boxes and wrote page numbers in the box - just the even numbers since they are to read 2 a day.  I told them that if they are reading it with their family they can finish were they are and then start it again.  Those who read it by the end of the year will be invited to a Scripture Party.  When I figure out those details I'll be sure to share! 
  • I emailed all the parents asking them to be sure to send scriptures every week (they all have their own set) because we will be use them every Sunday.  They also receive a card that has activities on it covering the current week's lesson.  This is their "homework".  Some of the activities we do in class, but there is usually some extra item (i.e. scripture reading, memorize article of faith, etc) to do at home.  If they finish they get a treat/reward.  They attached these cards to their scriptures ~ another reason to bring their scriptures each week.  I laminated the cover sheet and cut a plain cardstock for a backing and laminated that as well.  I also gave them the Article of Faith card to help keep track of what ones they have memorized.  I put an eyelet through it to help make sure it isn't lost.  The rest of the cards we put hole reinforcements on.  Hopefully they will last through the year.
  • The scripture party is just for those who read the scriptures, but they have a chance to earn other parties.  I still have to figure out the details, but I'm thinking a point system.  When a certain amount of points are earned we'll have a party.  As I said before when I work out a chart/details I'll be sure to share.
  • My other goal is to have them memorize the books of the New Testament.  We sing the song and several have worked on it at home.  One of the cards I talked about above includes an award card for memorizing the books.  I was going to attach a candy bar to it and as they pass them off they will get their award to add to their ring of cards and a treat.  Memorizing the books will help them find the scriptures quickly in class and will prepare them for seminary.
That is the overview of my challenges.  I'm hoping that it isn't too much.  I did find out with my son (and need to share with the other parents) that the homework cards are great for sacrament.  I don't let my two senior primary kids bring extra things to do during church, but there is nothing wrong with reading the scriptures during the sacrament!  If he ends up doing one of the puzzles at least he is learning something on his level (and not driving his sisters crazy).

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