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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Jeopardy Review Game (The last week of Jesus' life), Manual 7, Lesson 29-33

There are five lessons in the Primary New Testament manual that cover the last week of Jesus' life: The Last Supper; The Garden of Gethsemane; The Betrayal, Arrest, and Trial; The Crucifixion; and The Resurrection.  We covered all five lessons using the PowerPoint lessons made my Erika Covalt on Sugardoodle.netWe also watched a movie from the library about the last week of his life (I can't remember the title, but I think it is something about the last week of Jesus' life).  I have been promising another review game and thought that this would be a perfect way to do it.  Jeopardy has five categories and we had five lessons plus next week is General Conference and the following week is our primary program practice.  

Here is a little about the game.  When you start the slide show you need to click a couple times to bring in the Jeopardy sign, music, and the headers.  If you click after (not on a link) it will start going through the questions - you DON'T want to do that.  
Here is how we played:
  • Started slide show off of first page
  • Click twice (make sure sound is on your laptop).  This will bring up the background for the categories, the word Jeopardy, and play the opening music to the game
  • Introduce the categories by clicking them in one at a time and reading them.
  • We went down the row (I only had three kids show up, if it would've been the whole class I probably would have paired them up) and they were able to choose their category and amount.  If they got it right I awarded them the money (we kept track on the chalk board), if they were wrong someone else could steal it.  If more than one knew it I had them tell me at the same time and if they both were right they split the money.  When they choose a category and amount just click on the dollar amount under that category.
  • To reveal the answer click again.
  • To get back to the board click on the picture in the bottom corner (of Alex Trebek).
  • The questions that have been chosen will change to yellow.  These shouldn't be chosen again.
  • After all the questions were answered I had their money totaled.  They then were able to risk their "money" for the final question.  I gave them a piece of paper to write on.  First they wrote their amount.
  • Then I revealed the question and read it to them.  Click once and the Jeopardy music will play. (I downloaded the music from here: http://www.sequinsbyeileen.com/kidsmidi.htm)  Just save it, click on the sound icon on the computer and it will ask if you want to find it.  Click on yes then click on the music you saved.
  • After the music ended I made them stop writing (it wasn't enough time.  If I did it again I would wait a little longer before I started the music).
  • Then I had them show what they wrote and read their answer.  We either added or subtracted from their remaining money.  I gave everyone a treat.
NOTE: the final question was hard.  I stressed it at the end of the previous lesson, but not one of the three were able to get it right.  If you didn't talk about it I would definitely change the question/answer.


  1. I couldnt get this to work like you played it. It never allowed me to click on Alex to go anywhere, I couldnt select a particular question, the music never played,and the animations never worked like they were supposed to look a bit of a bust. I know a lot of work must have gone into making this, but it just didnt work for me

  2. If anyone else can't use it, let me know. I actually downloaded the game and just inserted my own questions so it worked for the creator and for me. I don't know why the links weren't working. Although I didn't remember it working like that with the first game I did. I'll have to double check it out as well. Anyone else have problems?

  3. First off... thank you for all the hard work put into this game, but unfortunately nothing worked for me either.

  4. I know this is an old post, but did anyone ever get this to work?

    1. I had to insert hyperlinks to each picture of Alex Trebek to make it go back to the main page.

  5. I am using an iPad and it is sort of working. I made a paper copy of each category so they can see it and also one for each $ level. I will tape those up and then at the bottom I am able to see a small preview of each slide. I will let each group choose one and then I will click on that slide. The Alex Trebeck button even works! I didn't hear the music but that's okay. I told my kids last week we would be playing this so they are excited for it. I can't get it to open in keynote on my iPad so it's just a browser but I think it still looks good. Better than anything I can come up with! Thanks for making this!


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