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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sock Lollipops

These were supposed to be for Sis's Candyland birthday party (that I have yet to post about), but alas I was still moving into the craft room and the supplies were misplaced in the shuffle.  That, and I ran out of time.  I seem to do that every year!  The supplies had been uncovered and we thought they would make great presents for her friends at Christmas.  I found this idea somewhere on the ole world wide web, but I haven't a clue as to where (I wasn't on pintrest yet ~ nuff said).  I also need to work on my photography skills.  It doesn't help that most of my pictures are taken late at night after children have gone to bed and I have some time to my self.  I promise these are extra cute in person.  
Supplies: 2 pairs of different colored socks for each lollipop, 6 inch lollipop sticks and shrink wrap basket bag (you should be able to find it at Dollar Tree - that is where I found it, anyway).  Cello wrap would work too, you just can't shrink & tighten it around the sock. 
Here is how I made them.  I tried a couple different ways and this is what worked best for me.  We bought two packages of socks - one were striped and one dotted.  I had Sis pick out the colors she wanted to go together. 

First, fold one sock in half (I tried folding it only 1/4 of the way, but that made the lollipop thick on one side and thin on the other).  The toe should be on the left, the heel on the right (this will be the same for each sock).

Next fold the second sock - same color - in half.  They need to overlap a little.  Look at the picture above - the fold is at the bottom for the sock on the left and at the top for the sock on the right.  After trial and error I found that this looks the best when it is rolled.

Fold the 3rd sock in half (different color) and place it on top of the one on the left.  This time the fold is on the top.  Also scoot it over to the right a bit.  There should be some of the bottom sock sticking out.

Fold the last sock in half.  Place it to the right and on top of the sock.  It should hang over the bottom sock a little bit.  Tuck the toe in between the fold of the fold of the sock on the top left.  

Sorry about the change in colors and don't look how these socks are laying.  Follow the instructions above and the end result will look better - I promise.  Anyway, start on the right side and roll it up.  At first it will just be the top color and then the bottom will join in.  In a couple areas the sock will be a little thicker (at the heal & where you insert your foot) and you may want to tuck it down a little so it rolls a little more even.

When it is all rolled take a piece of scotch tape.  It doesn't need to go all the away around, but at least half way.  You could wrap it all the way around if you would like.

Pull and tuck as needed to make it them as even as possible.  They should look similar to those above.

Take some hot glue and on the scotch tape glue on the sticks.  You will need to hold the stick straight while the glue dries.  
I didn't take more pictures, but the next step is to cut the wrap the size you want to go over your sockpop.  Just place it over the sock, gather it at the bottom of the sock/top of the stick.  Twist a little then knot a ribbon around it.
I held my hand over the ribbon for the next step and covered up as much of the hanging plastic as possible.  With a hair dryer blow warm air on the plastic just around the sock.  It will shrink tight around the sock.  Don't melt it and try to only get the heat on the part around the sock.

You now have a fun gift to give to that fun girl(s) in your life.

If you have any questions leave me a comment.  Hopefully it all makes sense (and I don't have too many grammatical errors) because yet again it is way past my bedtime :)

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