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Monday, August 1, 2011

I Need Help Coming up with Sayings. . .

I need the creative minds of you, my readers and friends.  I need to come up with some sayings and since I'm not as creative as many of you I thought I would beg for your help.  In return I promise to share what I make for all to use.  Read on and I'll explain.

I thought of this idea last year, but then was hired on at the school about 3 days before school started and since I hadn't worked for 5 years the time was spent adjusting instead of implementing.  At our school the classrooms don't have recess equipment unless the teacher has collected it her/himself (although thanks to fundraising the PE teachers do have some items now to check out for recess).  I was thinking that it would be nice to give the classroom a monthly gift by way of a item for recess.  At the beginning of the school year I would give a bag with a saying - something about: Here is a bag to collect all of the fun we will have this year.  (See what I mean about needing your help!)  Then each month I would give a piece of equipment to go in the bag along with a saying.

Here is an example.  I bought some bubbles for one of the months and this is what I have come up with:

This one has three sayings, but I don't necessarily need that.  The biggest bonus is that I was at Target this last week and their summer stuff is on clearance.  I was able to score bubbles, a football, sidewalk chalk, a jump rope, and a baseball bat & ball all 75% off.  I'm excited to do this idea this year at such a reasonable cost!  So if you would like to do this idea with me go stock up on all the clearance sales now.  I promise to post what I make ~ especially if you help me out (You can find the tags under Monthly School Idea).  Of course you don't need to follow me and do one a month, but it would be a cute teacher gift during teacher appreciation or any other time during the year.

Some equipment I need sayings for:
baseball bat & ball
bubbles (this one I have some ideas for -see above- but if you want to add to it feel free)
sidewalk chalk
jump rope
hula hoop
kickball or four square ball
soccer ball
Hoppy Taw (hopscotch)
Feel free to add to the list of equipment since I have purchased everything yet.

Just leave me a comment with your idea.  If for some reason that won't work (I had some issues, but I think it is fixed now) you can email me at flowersandbows(at)gmail(dot)com.


  1. Soccer Ball - "Kickin' it up a notch", or "just for kicks"
    Sidewalk chalk - "Chalk it up to fun"
    Jumprope - "Jump into fun"

  2. baseball/bat ~ glad to "pitch in" for some school fun

    football ~ catch it, toss it, never fumble. With a great teacher like you, we feel so humble.

  3. hula hoop- "You are doing a sHOOPer job!"

    Hopscotch - "Thanks for keep us all Hopping"

  4. Football- There's no "toss" up you are the best!
    Baseball & Bat- I've hit a homerun being in your class
    Jump rope- I jump for joy thinking of you
    Basketball- Nothing but "fun" with you!
    Kickball/four square- It's hip to be square!

  5. hula hoop - Teacher you run rings around me

    Jump rope/ basketball - Teacher you make me reach higher

    Baseball bat & ball Your a hit above the rest


  6. Thank you for your comments! I had over 1,000 viewings on this post and 5 of you took the time to help ~ THANK YOU! I must apologize for being MIA for an explanation see my last post. I realize that some of you are already in school and I will start working on these and posting them shortly. I will post the one I showed as an example as well as a tag to put on the bag. If you are waiting on me please leave a comment and I'll try to accommodate. I'm also hoping to figure out PhotoShop so I can use it too.


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