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Friday, August 31, 2012

Snack Holders

Another item from Pin Land. . .
And another item for the big drive across country!  My kids are a little old for this (at least a couple of them may be), but they liked it anyway.  The good thing about them being older is that the contents DID NOT end up on the floor of the van.  We had tons of snacks, but I wanted the kids to have access to some without me having to dish them out from the front seat.  I also tried to keep their items a little healthier than just candy.

First at Micheal's 40% off sale I purchased beading storage boxes.  Yes, it is worth paying extra money for removable dividers.  At first I thought I would need the big boxes - that is a lot of snacks, even for across country!  As you can see mine had two rows with five sections in them.  Plenty of treats.  Not to mention I had more of just about everything so I could fill them up if needed (I only needed to fill them up for the return home).  Here is what the three looked like.  The boy is picky and won't eat any nuts.  His is the least healthy.

I dug out my vinyl, circut, and gypsy (because on the gypsy you can design multiple cuts at once).  I decided to pick a cute shape and cut the letters out of it.  I also knew it would be easier to apply to the boxes (since I have yet to purchase the transfer paper).  Each kid picked out a color from what I had on hand.  Some had just their name cut out and some had their name and the word snacks.  As I'm thinking about it now if you just put their name they can use them for other things (like those pesky barbie shoes that end up all over the place - we use one of the big boxes for this very purpose).

Fill with snacks that your kids will eat.  It is great to keep in the diaper bag so you always have a variety. Or in the car for when you are gone longer than planned. Or maybe even in your desk at work.  If you have larger snacks just remove the dividers to make a little extra room.  Hmmm, I wonder where I put my extra dividers at?  Might need to find a home to store those.
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  1. I did this for our flight to UT back in June. My boxes were smaller,but so are me kids. It was a BIG hit and they never complained about being hungry! Love this idea!

  2. Love it!! I have always done something a little bit similar but I think yours will work out much better. I have always used zip lock bags and little bowls in small cooler's. Thanks for all the GREAT ideas.


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