I love to do crafts and have cute handouts and activities for church (and school, and friends, and - well you get the idea). I don't consider myself creative, but often use the help of others' talents. I decided to share what I'm doing for others just like me. It may be a link to where I found something or it might even be something *I* created. Right now I work as a paraprofessional at my kids' elementary - in special ed (autism). I started creating items for my 3rd graders this year and can't wait to share them with you. I am the 1st counselor in YW (first time in YW is this past year). I also have ideas for cub scouts and sunbeams posted, my previous callings.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Highlight - Teacher Appreciation Printable

This one I designed with my daughters middle school teachers in mind.  Since there are a bunch of teachers I didn't want anything too costly.  This will also work for specialists (p.e., music, art, computer teachers, or the librarian) a special class (piano, voice, etc) or anybody who switches classes.

With my Staples deal I also got 10 sharpie highlighters for less than $5.  You could get highlighters much cheaper, but I already had these on hand.  They look so fun I almost didn't part with them.

Click on the blue download button:
You then need to wait 20 seconds and then click on the link that appears over the countdown (blue underlined words: Download your file now).

I just used my paper cutter to cut them out leaving a white border.  I used a corner rounder to round the corners, but you could leave them straight.

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