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Friday, May 4, 2012

Teacher Thank You {Hand Sanitizer}

Teachers always need Sanitizer.  You don't want to even think about the germs we encounter each day.  This post will show you how to take these already cute pocket sanitizers:
and turn them into an easy to make gift for your teacher or anyone who has lend you a helping hand:

A few months ago Bath and Body Works had a great sale on their pocket size sanitizers.  I don't remember how great, but I believe they ended up being just over a quarter a piece.  I bought a bunch and then decided to save them for teacher appreciation week. 
Since my giving at the middle school has lacked I decided to give them to the staff at my daughter's middle school (she has a much smaller school than the elementary) and we will also give them to the specialists, my kids' teachers, and office staff at the elementary school. 
For those that know me know that I couldn't just hand over the sanitizers, I had to find a saying.  I searched the Internet, but didn't find any sayings that would work so I ended up making up my own.  Here is what I came up with:
We are grateful for the hands that have helped us this year!
I am grateful for the hands that have helped me this year!
Even though I didn't find what I was looking for in my search for sayings, I was lucky enough to stumble upon a tutorial for a cute holder for the sanitizer over at whatever Dee Dee wants.

Here is what I did:
Supplies: Paper cutter, Paper Scorer, 1 inch circle paper punch, card stock, 2 inch circle paper punch and/or flower Stampin' Up punch, and the free printables at the end of this post.
I found a site that has free printables.  They are actually for a wedding, but I found one that worked for this.  You can use it to, go to The Wedding Chicks and click on the escort tab.  The color combination's I used are Antique Pink with Light Gray, Perfect Pink with Dark Gray, Tiffany Blue with Chocolate, Vibrant Yellow with Light Gray.  Print the design on card stock (or you can use printed/plain card stock). 
Next you need to score your paper.  If you use the Chevron style that I did make sure your paper is facing the correct direction.

First score at 2 inches:

 Score at 3 inches:
 Then Score at 6 1/2 inches:
 And again at 7 1/2 inches:
 Next at 9 3/4 inches:
 And finally at 10 3/4 inches:
 Trim off the white edge (on the long side) and cut a strip 2 inches by 11 inches:
You are going to punch at the end with the little tab (1/4 inch tab).  My punch wasn't deep enough to punch the hole so I had to fold over the tab and then punch.  I punched it in a little further so that it wouldn't punch completely through the tab, but it punched a little onto the other side.  When completed it doesn't look bad.  If you have the Stampin' Up punch it will fit perfectly in between the scored lines without folding over the tab.
Fold on your scored lines.  Use adhesive (I used a tape runner) and put it on your tab:
 Slide the hand sanitizer through the hole,
 fold over the tab and adhere to the back:
 Put adhesive on the inside of the end flap, fold over and seal:
 It will now be in a cute box.  Print and punch out the printables.  Adhere to the flap above the design:
I hope that all make sense.  It seems the only time I have to do these posts are late at night (we are pushing midnight ~ hopefully I can get the printables linked before I hit the sack.  Hmmm, might need a Dr. Pepper at school tomorrow).
I have lots of options for the printables.  There are the four color combinations, two sizes (one for the flower punch one for the 2 inch circle punch), and 2 wording options (one has 'I' the other 'we').  Here are some examples:

Here are the printables:

If you decide to download, please take the time follow my blog or to leave a comment.  Knowing people use it makes taking the time to take pictures and create posts worth it.  Thanks for visiting!

I plan to make a few more sayings to go with the hand sanitizer and possibly make them in a bigger size too.  For now these will also work tied around a larger bottle of sanitizer.

A couple more pictures of the work in progress:

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  1. Awesome ideas! Thanks so much for sharing, and for helping make the teacher gifts I will be handing out easier to create!!

  2. I didn't print out but I LOVE the the project ;o) Making these for teacher appreciation this year!!! Thanks for sharing!!! I found you via interest ;o)

  3. Thanks so much for the lovely and clever tutorial! And a very special thanks for the free printables!! Going to be pinning this in 3...2..1...


  4. PS- That was a total SCORE on the BBW sanitizers! Was it in store or online? I can't get to their stores (probably be too dangerous for my budget if I was in one!) so online I am happy w/ $1 each and coupon code for 15% off. If anyone knows of times to get to the stores or online when deals like this are to be had, please share! :)


  5. You are so great! Your talent is impressive and your spirit is top notch. thank you from the bottom of my heart for your caring sharing attitude. You have a wonderful site and I LOVE it.

  6. I love these! Thank you for sharing!!

  7. These are awesome! Perfect for all those who help my ASD son!! Thank you.

  8. This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing your talents.

  9. This is perfect, thanks for all the work you have done!


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