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Monday, May 14, 2012

Baptism Wrap-Up

I'm doing this backwards from what I usually do, but many others do it this way.  I'm going to show you a summary of my daughter's Baptism and then I'll dissect it and let you know what I did, how It did it, and provide you with any printables I made.  
First, If you are not of the LDS faith (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) then I want to mention that a person may choose to be baptized at the age of 8 or later.  We believe that age 8 they are old enough to know right from wrong and to be accountable for their decisions.  For more information you can go here. With that being said, my baby turned eight in January and she made the decision to be baptized.  We decided to wait until spring break for this special event because we had time off school to spend with the family that was traveling to attend. 
First are the invitations.  I wanted to get her picture taken in her dress, but things were crazy busy and it didn't happen for the invitations.  I ended up using the picture taken over Christmas break:
I deleted personal info, but left an E to see the font/color used for her name
The programs and picture display outside the room she was baptized in:
I wish I had better pictures of the refreshments and room, but I was busy playing mom and host so here is what I was able to get my tween to take.
We chose the bright colors of blue, yellow, purple, pink, and green. I used candy melts to tie in the color to the food.  We had pretzel rods dipped in chocolate, cake balls on a stick with a cupcake topper.  The cupcake toppers had her monogram & date of baptism, Congratulations, and 8 is great:

We had five round tables set up and used plastic tablecloths in the mentioned colors.  We made tissue paper flowers for the centerpieces.  I also printed the same things mentioned above on clear labels and put them on clear cups.
It was lots of fun and turned out beautifully.  I may have gotten myself in trouble though.  Word of advice: don't make it look too nice when most of the bishopric and a counselor of the Relief Society presidency are there.  Now they think I can actually pull this off more than once. 
I added more posts.  You can click on links throughout this post or click on baptism under labels on the right.  These will have printables for you.

And what I forgot the Baptism Kit Kat Wrappers:

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