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Monday, July 2, 2012

The Baptism Invitations

I searched the net for free baptism subway art and I found the above art on Poppy Seed Projects, here.  I decided that it would make a great invitation.  I tried out Photoshop to make the invitation. I won't tell you how many HOURS it took me to do as much as I did.  Then I had a warning from Costco that it isn't a good resolution.  I gave up, took my chances, and they printed just fine.  I really wanted to get a picture of her in her dress, but as always I didn't have time to squeeze it in.  I used one of the pictures taken about a month before she turned eight.
I put the subway art on one side and the picture inside the frame.  On the other side I wrote up the invitation.  I erased her name and other personal information in the picture above, but kept an E on there to see the fun font and color I used.  I used her full name and it took up two lines. I searched online to find some ideas for wording.  If you click on the picture above it should enlarge for you to read (if not and your interested leave a comment and I'll add it).
I printed them online at Costco.com.  They are 6 x 7 1/2 so the picture is about 4x6.  Nice and large if the family wants to trim off the words and just keep the photo (after all the subway art is too cute). The smallest amount you can order is 50 for $14.99 which was too many, but they are the size I wanted and it still costs less for more than if I ordered at another place.  They also come with some heavy envelopes lined with silver.  I was very pleased with how they turned out.  The only thing I would do different is have her in her beautiful dress.

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  1. Very cute invite! Could you tell me what fonts you used? They are very nice. lauraj799@gmail.com

  2. I am not a crafty person, but I love this for a baptism invitation. I went to Poppyseed Projects, found the invite, but....now what do I do? I registered, downloaded but now what? How do I get a picture in it or add the text for the invite? I am sorry to be such a bother. I am just not a computer whiz....if you can just direct me some how.
    Thank you,
    Carrie Wilson

  3. So glad you found the subway art! The invite turned out darling!


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