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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Baptism Hair

Here is a little about how we styled Boo's hair.  Her hair for her pictures turned out so much better than her baptism.  I had a little more time for the pictures and took time to put it into a bun.  Here are a couple pictures showing off her hair taken during her photo session.


Hopefully you can figure it out by the pictures, but I'll try to describe what I did, but you can also check out one of my favorite hairstyle blogs: Girly Do Hairstyles. First I made a part going all the way around her head (along the outside like a crown - but with the back too).  I pulled up the extra hair in a pony tail to keep it out of the way.  Then I made a bunch of small pony tails all the way around.  Then I did another part all the way around.  This time I made the pony tails half way in between the ponies on the first row.  I added half of the ponies on the first row to the new row (there should be a half from two ponies added to the new one).  If your child has lots of hair you could try this (same idea, but there is an extra row of elastics without adding more hair).
That is all the room I had for her hair, but if you have lots of hair you could do more rows.  

Those last three pictures I took at a different time (I don't remember putting pearls in for her baptism, but this do is different because her bangs are down and it isn't in a bun).  I like it much better with the bun.  To do the bun I split the hair in half.  Half to curl up and half to curl down.  I divided each side (top & bottom) into threes.  I curled it around (with my fingers) until it was the size I wanted and curled until her ends were in too.  Then bobby pin it - at least two bobby pins making an X to hold it in.  Use as many as you need to hold it, but keep them in the bun so you can't see them. Then you get a bun look.

 Her dress has pearls on it.  If you look at the top of her dress and the front waistband you can see the pearls.  At Michaels I purchased some Bling on a Roll:
It is a bunch of half pearls on an adhesive roll.  I cut off the larger pearls and stuck them on each rubber bands.  They stayed in okay, but would never last getting wet or with play.  I had to reattach a few during pictures.  When it was in the bun you couldn't see the big elastic, but when I just pulled it partway through I wrapped small pearls around the elastic.  
Hopefully that all makes sense.  If you have questions, ask.  If there is enough interest/confusion I can make a step by step tutorial.

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