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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Baptism Decorations and Food

For the program table I wanted a picture of my daughter in her baptism dress.  Originally I was going to do a picture in her blessing dress and in her baptism dress, but somewhere along the way that was changed.  In my search for subway art I also came across an editable one here at Oopey Daisy.  You are able to change the name and date.  I had a 5x7 printed up when I ordered the photos for the programs.  I also ordered a couple other pictures from her photo session.  And while I'm confessing I actually ordered a 11x14 collage of some of her pictures that I was thinking about using.  Well, I wasn't to thrilled with that and I still had the 8x10 of my favorite photo I definitely wanted to use and the cute little subway art to display.  Then I remembered a frame I had that had 2 5x7 openings and one 8x10 (currently holding outdated pictures of my kids - all three in the middle, the boy on one side and the girls on the other).  I was even more excited when I realized that the faced the correct direction.  I only had one problem - what to put into the other 5x7.  If I would've had more time I would've printed another picture, but I was didn't.  So I did the next best thing, I mounted a 4x6 picture on paper and threw it into the frame.  It didn't turn out too bad:
I love that 8x10!  It would look better with a 5x7 instead of 4x6, but since the subway art is framed with a pink border, it doesn't look too bad.  Her other photo that I loved (which was the big photo on the collage I didn't use) was the photo on the program.  That was on the table too so I had enough photos displayed (at least all my favorites).

I wish I had better pictures of the refreshments and room, but I was busy playing mom and host so here is what I was able to get my tween to take. I kept the decorations simple for the food tables.  I put out round tables and used table cloths in the colors we chose: the bright colors of blue, yellow, purple, pink, and green.  In fact the decorations were so simple my 8 and 13 year old were making them as I loaded up the car:
All you need is tissue paper and wire.  We layered two sheets of a color and rotated colors (2 yellow, 2 purple, 2 yellow, 2 purple).  Accordion fold the stack (over, under, over, under).  When it is folded wrap a wire around the center (we used a pipe cleaner).  Trim the ends - round or pointy - I did round.  Gently (so you don't rip the paper) peel each layer up at a time.  Soon it will look like a flower.  If you can't follow those instructions search Martha Stewart and she can help you out better.  So I didn't take step by step photos, but like I said, the girls made them on the way out while I loaded the car.
On the table we set out clear cups.  I had purchased what were supposed to be clear labels.  I printed out labels that matched the pop cake toppers (I made those first and you can read on about them shortly).  On the cups I had Congratulations and her name or It's great to be 8.  I changed up the colors (below happens to be the same colors and again, not a very good photo) to match the colors we picked out and I also changed the fonts.  Right now you can download the 8 labels below.  Since I used fonts not on everyone's (or all my) computers I had to save it as a PDF to get it to print correctly.  I think I started to convert the other to a font in word, but until that is finished I only have the one for you.

Now it was towards the baptism date that I decided to serve food.  In fact I hadn't decided how much food when I made the invitations so I worded it as refreshments.  Turns out it was enough for dinner.  In trying to figure out the goodies I thought along the lines of her colors and what I could make that would bring in the colors (since I did little decorations this really tied it all together and made it look nice). I ended up using candy melts to tie in the color to the food.  We had pretzel rods dipped in chocolate, cake balls on a stick with a cupcake topper.  The cupcake toppers had her monogram & date of baptism, Congratulations & name, and 8 is great.

Another treat I made are mini turtles.  Go here for the recipe.  I set them out on color coordinating plates or tied ribbon around jars to tie it together.  I also bought a sliced ham (she was baptized the day before Easter so a bonus that they were all on sale), rolls (sliced for sandwiches), a cheese tray, we also made veggie and fruit trays.  I froze fruit in ice cube trays for the ice and set out pictures of water.  I had lemon, strawberry and raspberry ice cubes.  It added some fun color to the water.

To see more posts about the baptism click here or on the baptism link to the right under labels.

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*NOTE* Below are the other labels & cupcake toppers. The fonts will not work on your computer (unless you have happened to have downloaded the same ones) so you may have to play around and change them to fit your style/needs.


  1. These are so cute! Thanks for sharing!

  2. What did you do for an "activity" during the time she was changing back into her dry clothes? I've been assigned to bring paper for people to write their testimonies at my neices baptism and I was looking for any cute paper ideas.

  3. The cupcake toppers is just what I need for our "Great to be 8" program happening THIS Sunday! Is there any way I could have access to them to print off to use? I would greatly appreciate it.

  4. I didn't know they were locked all this time. You should be able to download everything now. If you have any problems, please leave me a message. Thanks!

  5. Your preparation for your daughter's Baptism party is really commendable and I just love the colorful candies placed on tables :)

  6. These are awesome! Exactly what I'm looking for. You have some serious talent!

  7. THANK YOU! This is exactly what I was looking for as I'm planning my daughter's baptism.


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