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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

General Conference Kits

It's that time of year again, time to get ready for General Conference.  I decided to not only try to make print off the Internet a packet for my children, but to make a conference kit for my primary class and for the sisters that I visit teach.  I'll share what I did and the links, but sorry I didn't create anything for this so there are no printables.

For my primary class I rearranged our lessons so that the lesson taught the Sunday before General Conference was lesson 9: Jesus Christ Calls His Apostles.  I thought that it would be fitting to learn about Apostles before they had the opportunity to watch them on TV.  For part of that lesson I printed each of my kids these at Costco.  I purchased some photo books at the dollar store.  Now they have a book of the first presidency and the 12 apostles.  They can learn fun facts along with their names and faces.  We didn't get them fully assembled in class so I brought them home and added them to their conference bags.  I actually had planned that they would be a part of their conference bag, but I also I wanted to give them at church on Sunday, but didn't have them ready.  
Their conference kit: First I purchased medium sized gift bags at the dollar store.  Then I printed off some activities for them to do.  Sugardoodle.net has a bunch.  They even have more now then when I started.  I printed pages 10-12 from here and pages 23-25 from here.  I made the plate mobile for them.  I added two individual boxes of cereal, a package of Starburst for the game, and a sucker.  Hopefully it'll bring a little extra fun to watching conference!

The Prophets and Apostles Books

I also saw the idea floating around to make kit for the sisters you visit teach.  I must admit than I haven't been doing this duty as well as I should be lately and I obviously like to make a few things so I decided it would be a great way to let them know I care.  
I printed off age appropriate kits off sugardoodle.  I didn't always use the full kit (I know my kids don't ever color everything in the kits).  Instead of naming everything off I think I'll just show a few pictures.  This family has children of various ages so I'm showing it:

The toilet paper rolls are for an activity found in the Nursery/Jr. Primary packet.  The plate is like what I gave my primary kids.  It is a mobile that has a picture and a few lines to write about the talk of the first presidency and the 12 apostles.  There is a bag of candy for the game in the kits.  A couple candy bars for the sister I visit teach (or if she wants, one for her hubby).  There is one sucker for each person in the family and a couple breakfast/snack type items.  Next conference I think I'm going to throw in lunch items.  The kits I had viewed had breakfast items so that is what I had on my brain at the store.  But then I realized in Virginia conference starts at noon.  Oh well, next time.  The red and black item actually contains a notepad for the sister I visit teach.  

 The bag: you'll notice a few pencils for the kids I forgot in the first picture.  Oh, I also made them the Prophets and Apostles book.  I forgot to put it in here so I need to give it to her next time I see her.

Here are a couple views of the notebook for the sisters:

Instructions for these are here.  I slipped a matching pencil in the pocket.  I purchased these file folders in Target's dollar section (pencils too).  They are a little smaller than a normal file folder however.  If I had more time I would have jazzed it up with a ribbon and a label (about it being a Conference Notebook), but I'm lucky just to pull it all together.  They aren't as fancy, but it is a step up from just a yellow notepad!

Now I need to finish a few kits, get them delivered and get things ready for my own kids to do before Saturday!


  1. i am so loving your blog. i just found it tonight. question, i love the prophet quiet book you have on this post. the link is not active to download it. do you by chance know where else i could find it?
    thanks so much

  2. Sam - I tried to see if I could email you, but I'm not sure if there is a way or not. It appears that the creator of the quiet books was told that she had to remove them. She was notified that sharing her creations using images on lds.org is a violation (you can use the images to create your own, but you can't share creations even if you don't charge). She is looking into getting permission to post them, but isn't optimistic.

  3. Love your Blog! I think I've been on here for an hour! How many callings do you have anyway? I'm finding so much stuff here. Thanks for all you do and for the many things you share. I know how time consuming it is to put up pictures and give details but it is so fun to read and to do (or dream about doing). I appreciate you. Keep up the good work Wendy!

  4. Hi!!
    I just love this fun idea for Primary classes and VT gals!! How fun! I just wanted to let you know that I'm hosting a "General Conference Linky Party" from now until October 4th. I'd love it you'd join in on the fun! With the this gift idea or any others that you may have.
    Looking forward to seeing you there!


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