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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Table Tennis Belt Loop

We are going to be earning our Table Tennis belt loop.  In our Stake everyone meets for one hour at the church on Tuesday or Wednesday (or whichever day we are assigned) ~ young men, young women, cub scouts, activity day girls (only twice a month).  That way all the people that have to travel are able bring everyone at once to the same location.  In order to earn the belt loop one must: practice for 30 minutes, tell an adult the rules, and play in one game.  Obviously we can't get all that in an one hour session.  So at the end of our last activity we went over the rules.  Next week will hold the activity at a member's house in order to use their ping pong table.  Since we are changing the time (in order to allow kids to be dropped off for cubs and at the church) and location I made invites:

There are three to a page.  I cut them out, glued them on card stock (which was cut in 3 1/2 x 8 1/2 strips), and then glued a ping pong ball on top of the ball in the picture. I changed the invitation to just say Date, Time, Place if you would like to use it.

I also made rule books for each person.  Hopefully as we work on belt loops I can make more books and they will have a little stash for future reference.  If you have any ideas of something for the boys to store them in I'd be happy to hear them.

I just copied information from this website that had the rules listed.  Hopefully it is okay to share the book with you and I didn't break any plagiarism rules (if so let me know and I'll remove it).  I did list the website in the book.

Here is how to print and assemble them.
  1. Print page 1 onto colored card stock.
  2. Print page 2 on one side and page 3 on the back.
  3. Print page 4 on one side and page 5 on the back.
Here are some pictures to try to show you what it looks like.  When assembled:

First you will fold the paper in half.  Use the pictures as guides.  Fold the cover so the print is on top, the next page should have Terms & the Blank side on the outside of the fold (with Service & web address in the center) and the next page should have What You Should Know and A Good Return on the outside (Point & The Order. . on the inside):


When you put it together it should look like this: Obviously the cover on the outside (that picture was posted above), When you open it you see the Terms page:

 Turn the page and you'll see Service and A Good Return:

Turn the page and there is A Point and The Order of. . . 

Turn the page you have What You Need to Know. . . and the web address.  This is the summary of the basics of the rules (the pages before are more in depth) and the web address I used for the rules:

I also stapled them together.  Staple close to the fold so you can still see the words easily when you open the book.  Hopefully that all makes sense.  If there are questions, let me know!

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