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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Night Owl Spa Party - Part 1

We've I've been slaving away getting ready for Boo's 8th birthday party.  Slaving away because I tend to a) overdo things and b) want to make every cute thing I see - oh, wait isn't that part of reason a?  The party is going on right now as I type.  It is about 10:45 and I'm hoping a bunch of girls fall asleep shortly.  Because I overdo the parties (and don't have the time I want/need to do it all) I've stayed up way too late this week.

Anyway, here is the scoop of what I did (and remembered to take pictures of).  First the invitations.  I used my cricut and cut out some owl shaped cards.  I found some adorable cards online, but by the time I actually got around to making them it was this or nothing.  I was simply out of time.

I also made some sleep masks.  I found the idea and template here

I stopped off at the fabric section in Walmart (I didn't have time to go anywhere else) because I figured they should carry felt, even if it was felt sheets.  The kids were helping me find the felt in the small sewing section, and when we found it they commented on how scratchy it is.  I agreed so for the bottom white layer I bought fleece.  I purchased pink felt for the top layer to add a little stiffness to the mask.  I used various ribbons because I wanted the kids to be able to tell them apart if they brought them and because I used up the end of a couple rolls.  The picture above isn't one of the better ones made, but it was the one lying around.  We just slipped the mask inside the invitation and put them in a pink paper sack.

Then it was onto all my craft projects.  I saw this on this idea on pintrest and needed to make them just because they were so cute! 

To see how I made them click here.  You need a Sizzix machine with the pillow box die cut (or purchase pillow boxes if they sell them).  You will need circles, ovals, and hearts.  I used my cricut for them, but the lady I borrowed the idea from used punches.
Boo loved to help make them.  She was in charge of the eyes.  We made them all have their own little crazy personalities.  I still think they are so cute!  I played around with having the feathers nearly the same color as the bodies and some with a little more color.  What do you like best?  

We filled these owl boxes up with M&M's and used them as prizes for the Bingo game.  Every girl received one.  They just played Bingo and the winners got to select their owls first! 

To make the Bingo game I just used different owl pictures I found online.  Each board had the same owls, just in different places.  The middle square are all the same for the free space.  I made these the night before the party so they aren't anything fancy.  If you would like to download them, click here.  There are eight different boards.  I printed one extra copy of one board and cut it into squares.  My son drew them out of a bowl and the girls covered their matching picture on their board with M&M's.

We also took the owl toppers we made for Boo's class and used them as toppers for the goody bags.  To see the Tutorial go here.  The only change I made is that I used the diamonds and folded them in half for the beaks.  I can't decide which I like best. The triangles are definitely faster to make.

We filled each bag with lotion (I had found awhile ago on a super duper clearance sale at The Children's Place), bracelets & rings (purchased after Valentine's Day a couple years ago, homemade lip gloss, and fingernail polish (also purchased on clearance at Claire's).  I had everything on hand except the lip gloss.  I found another tutorial we had to try, but if the truth be told I had plenty of lip gloss we could have used too.

I found the lip gloss tutorial here thanks to Pintrest again.  Isn't that one of the best inventions ever?  The lip gloss only has two ingredients: Kool-aid and Vaseline.  The basic instructions is to microwave Vaseline at 30 second intervals until it melts, making sure you stir it well every 30 seconds.  When it is melted let it cool, but before it sets stir in the Kool-aid.  I never did let it melt all the way before I mixed them together.  I'm not sure if that was smart or not, but it seemed to have turned out okay.  I didn't want to pay a fortune for lip gloss containers so I went shopping at Michaels with my 40% off coupon.  In the bead section I found a 24 pack of jars that had screw on lids.  I thought they would be perfect.  We decorated the lids with an owl sticker (you can see it in the picture above - it has a green owl on it).
That sums up part one of the owl party.  Shortly there will be another part to see the rest of what we made/did, but I need to get this part up so I can work on Valentines stuff!
I decided to come back and add some pictures of what I made the lip gloss in:

To see part two click here.


  1. Oh So cute!! the little boxes are awesome!!! And i think i am gonna try making some lipgloss for rivers valentines day gifts!! where did you get little containers for the gloss? Hope yall had a fab time at your party!!!

  2. how adorable. I really love the lip gloss. I've heard of that "recipe." Would be fun to try sometime.



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