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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sundaes too Good to Eat (Spa Sundaes)

,This is a tutorial of how to make some Sundaes you enjoy in the bathtub. I found the idea here. I have to warn you thought that I just estimated. The good thing is that you don't have to be exact and you can alter it to your liking.
First step, the ingredients:
You need Epsom salt (found in the pharmacy section), baking soda, Vaseline bath beads, bath poufs, sundae glasses, and we used Crayola color bath drops for the cherry.  You also can use food coloring to dye the Epsom Salt, but I didn't.
The poufs and glasses I bought at Ikea (they come in larger sizes too).   They weren't expensive at all.  However, since I bought those things before I read the recommendations by others I didn't realize that you can get some cups from Dairy Queen that look nice as well.  I like that they can use these glasses again (they just have to be careful since it is glass in the bathroom).
The Epsom salt I bought at Cotsco (it is under the pharmacy window when you drop off prescriptions), but you get a lot more than you need that way.  I purchased the bath drops and bath beads in the bath section at Wal-mart.  Others used bath beads for the cherry.  If you can find them they look great, but they serve the same purpose as the mix you are making.  I thought the kids would like the color changing drops best even if it doesn't look much like a cherry.

Take a large bowl (I ended up using two bowls to hold it all) and pour the Epsom salt in. Add about 1/2 box of baking soda to each bowl. I just added the Vaseline beads as I saw fit (a little more than half the box). We stirred the three ingredients until they were well mixed.
My girls scooped up the mix into the cups, placed a straw, a pouf sponge, and a color drop on top.  I wrapped some celephane around them and attached this tag (I printed them on color paper):

They turned out cute:
If you want to use the tags you download them HERE.

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  1. Love these! I think My activity Day girls might be making them for their mommies this year :)


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