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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Night Owl Spa Party - Part 2

To see Part One click here.
This is what party favor table looked like (a couple days before the party):

I did tutorial for the middle owls here (owl pillow box) and here (owl bag toppers).  Now onto the rest of the fun stuff we made for the party. 
First we made Sundaes, but these aren't any kind of sundaes.  They are nonedible designed for the bath sundaes.  I found this idea here.  I actually bought the stuff for my daughter Candyland birthday party (yet to finish the post on that one), but we had so many things already and Boo wanted a spa party.  In the end I decided to save the supplies for this party instead.  Step by step instructions & printable are HERE.

The other fun thing we made was drink-ware for each girl.  I believe I saw a picture on Pinterest, but I didn't pin it or click on it or see the source so I can't give anyone credit -  I just saw it in passing.
I had a friend & coworker gather Starbucks bottles for me from her boyfriend.  I have seen so many fun things to do with these bottles, but don't drink anything with coffee in it.  When I mentioned it to her she said she could get me some.  My problem is that I don't know what I originally wanted to do with them - I have to find all those cute ideas again.  But I did figure out this cute idea.  

What better way to give girls' at a sleepover drinks without worrying that they will end up all over the floor?  It was perfect.  Here is what we did.  We screwed the lid on a bottle (we used the same bottle for all the lids so metal bits would be collected in one place) and then took the drill to it.  Actually Bugs did the best job at this.  For some reason his came out nice and smooth while my holes left bits of metal.  So it became his job to do the drilling.  We used a drill bit just big enough for our straws.
Then I took the cricut back out and cut out some owls.  I made them small enough to fit under packaging tape.  I used glue dots to adhere the pieces together then taped them on with clear packaging tape.  I'm hoping this will waterproof it somewhat.  If you don't have a cricut some other ideas: print something off the computer and use the packaging tape or print onto a clear label.  All the owls had a brown background and then they were two other colors: green, pink, or purple.
There were three different styles of owls too.  To the top of the lid I used a circle punch and punched out a piece of pink vinyl.  Before I took the backing off I held the circle (back down) over the lid.  I traced the hole onto the paper backing.  I used my crop-a-dile to punch a hole in the vinyl where I marked it.  After taking off the paper I placed it on the lid. If you don't want to use vinyl you could just spray paint it.  That would have been fast too, but I did like how the vinyl kept the straw in tight and covered up the drilled hole nicely.

On the back I cut out the initial of their first name out of the same pink vinyl.  We had a couple E's and a few M's.  I made sure the owls on the front were different colors & patterns and the straws were different colors.  This helped the girls' know which bottle was theirs.
To add a final touch we tied green and purple ribbon around the top.  It added a little more color to the pink.  Since we had a pizza dinner the girls selected Sprite or Rootbeer to fill their bottles with.  They were limited to two sodas and then it was refilled with water.  I think they turned out well.  I had all the supplies on hand and it turned into another party favor they could take home.  One last picture of them all filled up.

I haven't had a party since I started working (except for the two who have summer birthdays) and I wasn't thinking about the day of the party.  I agreed to a sleepover and planned it for 6:00 since we were having dinner.  The day before it hits me that I get off work at 4:00.  That does NOT give me much time to get things ready.  So most of that day was spent cleaning.  Before I knew it the party was almost here & I hadn't made her cake or s'mores yet.  We had decided on the cake already and I had the supplies.  The morning of the party (before work) I made the cupcakes.  Ooops, running a little late?  I had less than two hours to get home, set up for the party, and make cake. 
I was so busy making the cake that I didn't take picture of The Spa, but here is what we did.  We set it up in the basement.  We had two comfy chairs with foot baths (we used the same stuff in the Sundaes for the foot bath), there was a bench for them to sit while getting their pedicures, and a table for the manicures.  Of course a sheet was under everything with towels under the foot bath, and a pink table cloth on the manicure table.  My oldest and a few of her friends were in charge of painting all the nails.  They had lots of colors and detail brushes.  They did a great job and the girls loved their nails.  We decorated the ceiling with light up balloons and lanterns.  The balloons had something in them that made them glow.  You pulled a tab out and blew it up.  It was supposed to glow for something like 15 hours, but they were glowing for several days.  I have a picture, but it isn't very good.  Trying to get a decent picture of something glowing isn't the easiest thing to do:

While the girls were getting their nails done I was working on the cake.  I found a few options and Boo picked out the cake found here.

It turned out pretty close to what their looked like.  I was going to type up the instructions, but it will save me so much time if you just clicked on the link above.  I used Oreo Fudge Cremes for the Cookies on the cake and Grosshoppers for the cookies on the cupcakes.  I used a peach ring for the eyes on the cake and yellow candy melts upside down for the cupcakes (I purchased jelly lifesavers to use, but couldn't find them.  Not sure if they are the right size or not).  The store I went to didn't have the circus peanuts so I cut up some of the peach rings for the beak & talons.  I think that is all I changed.  Oh and an FYI, you don't need nearly that much blue & purple coconut.
Here are a couple more cake pictures complete with colored flame candles.

The other goody I made were owl s'mores.  They are very simple, but don't always melt quite how you want them.  
You need 1/2 of a graham cracker, one large marshmallow cut in half, two yellow candy melts, two chocolate chips, and one candy corn for each s'more.  First take the graham cracker and place the marshmallow halves on top.  Add the candy melts.  I did two at once and set the microwave for 20 seconds.  Keep an eye on them because the marshmallows will start to puff up.  I let them puff up a bit or the candy melt won't melt.  You don't want the candy melt to melt completely.  It just needs to be soft enough to hold on the chocolate chip.  When it is done add a candy corn beak.  You can actually make these the day before if you would like.
After their nails were done they played bingo (see part one for the printable).  When everyone finished up we moved to cake & ice cream followed by presents.  They had so much fun!  They after pumping them full of sugar the girls got ready for bed, set out the sleeping bags and settled down for a movie.  The movie ended just before 10:30.  A couple of the guest left and I told the others it was time to settle down.  They were quiet, but I did finally have to go down at midnight and tell them to go to sleep.  Turns out during that hour and a half of quietness they had two pillow fights.  I couldn't tell and I wasn't that far away.  I wish my other daughter's sleepover party went as smoothly!  
All in all I would call it a success! 

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