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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dr. Seuss Day - Hair and Dinner

Continuing on with Dr. Seuss Day from this previous post: Lunch & Teacher Treats.  The girls wanted Cindy Lou Who hair again (Bugs' class didn't dress up).  This year their hair was longer, but it is very thin and fine, especially Boo's.  The poor child was blessed with no hair just like her mama.  Since it was longer this year it turned out a little better, but Sis's hair was a bit too long on top for the same style we did last year, but I didn't have time to adjust it so she had to go with however it turned out.  I went wrong in two places this year: 1- I just rolled cardstock into a cylinder instead of a cone.  This saves a lot of time, but it doesn't turn out nearly as well.  Take the time to figure out how to roll & trim a cone that fits your daughter's hair.  2 - I didn't use hair products.  When I three cones in Sis's hair for Wacky Wednesday I did and boy did it hold!  Click on the link to see more about what I used and did.
With that being said this is what they looked like:

You can see that with paper rolled instead of in a cone the elastic didn't stay in place.  It leaned forward.  To make this style I used only the amount of hair on top of the head that I needed to cover the paper.  The rest of the hair was divided into two and braided.  I bobby-pinned the braids up and curled the ends.  Boo's hair is the better length for the cone, but Sis's is the better length for the braids.  Goes to show you that they didn't use real hair in the movie!

After school it was time to get ready for dinner.  Our menu: ham and green {deviled} eggs from Green Eggs and Ham, Who Hash (hash brown casserole/funeral potatoes) from The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, Hat Jello from The Cat in the Hat, and Pink Ink to Drink from One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.  


Who Hash:

Green {Deviled} Eggs:

 Hat Jello:

Pink Ink Drink:
The Dinner:
The ham was just a spiral ham cooked as directed with some pineapples added.  The Who Hash is a hash brown casserole most commonly known as funeral potatoes.  I'll post my recipe at the end of this post for those who want it (I didn't have the crushed potato chips on top because I was too lazy in too much of a hurry to go downstairs and find some).  I actually assembled it the night before and put in the fridge.  After the ham was almost done I baked the Who Hash.  The Green {Deviled} Eggs are just deviled eggs with food coloring added.  I added a little blue and a little green food coloring (since the yolks are yellow).  The Jello was layered with Strawberry Jello, Whipping Cream, Strawberry Jello, Whipping Cream.  If I were to do it again would have done one more layer of Strawberry Jello.  It would look a little more like the Cat's hat.  I had some extra Jello the first time around (I made one small box) so I put it into a small container (or two) for the kids' future lunches.  When that was set up I did a layer of whip cream and started making the next layer of Jello.  For that layer I used ice cubes to partially set up the jello so it wasn't liquid pouring onto the whip cream.  To see how to do that check out this post.  I made one small box again, but didn't have enough so I had to add another small box.  I put it into the fridge to finish setting.  When it was ready I added the top layer of whip cream.  The Pink Ink was just crystal light ~ any pink drink will work.  You could get fancy or just use Koolaid or pink lemonade.  I found these cute cups to use too.  When you move them the picture changes.  Gotta love Target's dollar spot!
I also saw some Cat in the Hats made with an Oreo and gummy life savers on Pinterest (I didn't pin it so I can't give credit).  Well, I happened to have gummy life savers that I couldn't find at the time for the owl cake (oops), but found shortly after (they were downstairs in the food storage - imagine that).  I didn't like how the Oreo was so much bigger than the rest of the hat.  My solution: Mini Oreos.  

I put some white frosting left over from the owl cake in a ziploc back and snipped the corner.  I put a little frosting on half of the Oreo and topped with a gummy lifesaver, repeat and you have the hat from The Cat in the Hat!  I was able to make nine hats with one bag of gummy lifesavers until I ran out of red lifesavers.  I pulled out all the green ones for St. Patrick's Day (I think I will make leprechaun hats the same way, but with green icing ~ this is a light green icing from the owl cake and the dark green gummies):

Who Hash aka Funeral Potatoes

1- 2lb bag hash browns
1 cube butter (or margarine)
2 cans cream of mushroom soup
minced onion to taste (or use fresh onion)
16 oz sour cream
1 1/2 - 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
Crushed potato chips & additional cheese

In pan melt butter and add soup and onion.  When bubbly add sour cream and cheese.  Mix until melted.  Mix with hash browns in 9x13 pan.  Add chips and cheese on top.  Bake at 350 for 40 minutes.

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