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Monday, March 11, 2013

I am Thankfor for Day and Night (Primary Manual 1, Lesson 8)

Sunbeam Lesson 8:
I am Thankful for the Day and the Night

I posted Lesson 9 first so both of these posts will have some duplicate information.  So I apologize for that, but I want to make sure the introduction is here too

Lessons 8-15 talk about the Creation.  While they are titled I am Thankful for they talk about the creation.  I decided to make a book about the creation.  The lessons aren't necessarily in order of the creation.  But that doesn't matter because I'm keeping all the pages until the end.  As I do each lesson I will post it for you.

For each page in the book I'm cutting card stock in half.  Every lesson will have at least one page and some will have more which means our creation book will have more than seven pages.  

This lesson talks about the day and night.  I also covered the first day of the creation even though I'm not sure if the lesson covers it or not (guess I should blog closer to giving/preparing the lesson). All the first day is the separation of light and darkness so it leads right into this lesson and there isn't much else to cover.  For this page my cardstock was half white (I actually used more of a cream color) and black.

Then I used two pages for the rest of the lesson, one for day and one for night.  The day I used a blue piece of paper and night I used a black piece of paper.  I used my 1 3/8 circle punch and cut out yellow circles.  One of the yellow circles we are using for the sun and the other I cut into a crescent moon.  I cut two moons out of each circle. I also used yellow paint and glow in the dark paint and wipes.

I think it will be easier to see a picture first:

I put yellow paint on their index finger.  Taking their finger I made about 6 rays.  After the finger prints dried we glued on the yellow circles.  I haven't done it yet, but I'm going to make labels to put in the bottom corner of the page (day 1, day 2, etc).

Here is the night picture:

I gave them the moon to glue on their page.  I put glow-in-the-dark paint on a small disposable plate.  I asked them to dip their finger into the paint and dot it onto the paper.  If I had to do it again I would have an example because a few of them didn't know how to dot.  One thing to remember is that it needs a bit of paint in order to glow.  The fun thing about these pages is that the stars will glow in the dark!  I wish the classroom was dark enough to show the kids because they are excited about the glow-in-the-dark stars.

As I finish the other lessons I will post the links here:
For lesson 15 click here
Cover and Labels click here


  1. I found your creation book idea on Pinterest. I have spent the last few months, making these adorable creation pages with my all boy class. I am binding the pages today, so that my class can present their work to their Moms tomorrow for Mother's Day! I am so pleased with how they have turned out. Thank you for sharing your creativity!

  2. I have a little Sunbeam that will only come to class if I tell him we are watching a movie. Here is a little something that goes along with these Creation lessons.



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