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Sunday, March 10, 2013

I am Thankful for Water (Primary Manual 1, Lesson 9)

Sunbeam Lesson 9:
I am Thankful for Water

My new goal (on top of everything else) is to try to post my Sunbeam lessons on here.  I have had lots of fun in the last year.  Reading others ideas and working in an elementary school has really helped me step it up (I started teaching sunbeams right out of high school - many moons ago).  My goal is to teach the spiritual doctrine in the lesson, but do it hands on so they learn, remember, and are able to tell their families all about it.

I will post last week's lesson soon, but I want to do today's while it is fresh in my memory (and I still need to take pictures of last week).  For the lessons 8-15 it talks about the Creation.  While they are listed as I am Thankful for lessons they talk about the creation.  We are in the process of making a book about the creation.  

The lessons aren't necessarily in order of the creation.  But that doesn't matter because I'm keeping all the pages until the end.  I still need to make a cover and other pages, but as I finish them I will post them.

For the book I'm cutting card stock in half for each page.  Every lesson will have at least one page and some will have more which means our creation book will have more than seven pages.  For this lesson I cut a light blue card stock in half.  I made this to go on it:
I cut them out and had them glued onto the blue paper so they just needed to color.  I left some room in the bottom right corner.  I'm going to make labels so they know which day of the creation it goes with.  I will take picture of the completed page, but I want to at least get this posted.  Each raindrop has something we need water for.  We talked about each one.
The other fun thing I did was a combination of ideas that I read about on sugardoodle.net.  My kids blew up some blue water balloons for me.  They are harder to blow up than they look.  I wanted to use these because they are small and I think they resemble raindrops.  We didn't have a lot of time during class, but at the end I gave each child a balloon and read the Raindrop Poem in the Enrichment activities.  They loved to throw the raindrops around and then I chased them back to their seats with a picture of a sun.  They were so excited to show their parents their raindrops!

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As I finish the other lessons I will post the links here:
For lesson 15 click here
Cover and Labels click here


  1. Exactly how did you do the booklet? Did you keep the pics the kids colored or what? I wanted to do that.
    But didn't know how you did it.

    1. I cut the raindrops out first and glued them to half a sheet of cardstock. I kept each picture every week. If a child missed a lesson we tried to do their picture the next week so their book would be complete. It was hard at first to explain to them that I was keeping their pictures but they were excited about making a book.
      If you don't want extra color on the page you could have them color the white paper and then cut them out and glue them on the cardstock.

  2. I will use this little activity as well. Just for fun and to take up more time. I always seem to have plenty of that!


  3. What a joy to come across your lessons. A huge help ! Thank you

  4. I love love love your ideas, thank you so much for sharing.

  5. Fabulous ideas, thank you for being willing to share your talent with someone who is lacking in ideas.

  6. Love your ideas. However, I can’t see where to sign up as a follower.


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