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Saturday, July 6, 2013

I Am Thankful for Fish (Primary Manual 1, Lesson 11)

Sunbeam Lesson 11: I Am Thankful for Fish.

This is actually one of my favorite lessons.  From back when I started teaching sunbeams at the age of 18 (yes, I demanded to be put into primary right out of high school so I could avoid going to relief society) I started this.  I must admit after being a mother I thought twice about it, but still did it because it is just so much fun and more importantly ~ the kids LOVE it!

What is all the excitement about?  Fish of course.  I give each child a fish to take home.  If I had more money (or a super small class) I would give them a beta fish, but since I don't, I give them a feeder fish.  You can buy them at any pet store that has fish or even Walmart.  Don't forget to pick up a jar of goldfish food.  I divvy it out into snack sized Ziploc bags.  This year I purchased some jars at Dollar Tree that look like fish bowls (I believe they are listed as candy bowls).  I put one fish in each of the bowls.  Be sure to buy extra fish because a few of them may not make it over night.  Also be prepared to talk the next week about death (this year the next week was Easter so it was perfect).  Most likely all but one will have died by then.  I have used jars in the past.  Just remember that they need air so you can't put a lid on them.

We also made a page for our creation book.  Actually, we ran out of time and I did it a different week, but this is the page that goes with the lesson:
This one is easy.  Take their hand and paint it orange, white, orange, white, orange.  Some people spread the fingers out, but I like them together.  The thumb down is the bottom fin.  When it is dry add a googly eye and bubbles.  Also you can draw a mouth on it.

I also give the kids a fish bowl with a plastic bag stapled to it and fishes cut out of paper.  They have a fishing pole made out of a Popsicle stick, string and a magnet.  All the fishes have paperclips on them so the kids can go fishing.  The kids love this as well.  I print mine off of the Primary Partners CD I have.

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