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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

An Eggstra Special Lunch

Today an idea hit me.  I'm totally excited that this is my OWN idea!  Yay!  I guess every once in awhile I do have a creative thought.  This idea was when I was contemplating what fun things I should do for my kids' lunch the Friday before Easter (I usually cut their sandwiches into holiday shapes, etc).  To accomplish this I bought a bag of 42 regular sized Easter eggs and 6 jumbo eggs (I bought some Jumbo eggs for another project so I had extra just in case - after starting to assemble I think I'll need 3 jumbo for each child) and I'm going to fill them with my kids' lunch for Friday at school.
First, I'm putting cheese puffs in some eggs.  I can fit 4 cheese balls in each egg.  I filled 3 of these eggs for each child.

Then I'm putting rabbit food in the some eggs - Veggies.  I could fit only two baby carrots in an egg or two carrots with 1-2 snap peas.  For just snap peas I could fit 4.  (I have one child that likes them both, one child that will only eat the carrots, and one that will only eat the peas).  For carrot involved ones there were 3 eggs for just peas I did 2.

Next I'm putting in grapes for their fruit.  About 3-4 grapes fit in an egg.  I'm giving them 3 eggs of grapes.


I also bought a few jumbo size eggs.  I put in two cookies for dessert in one.  In two others I'll cut their sandwiches up into bite size pieces.  I'm also going to have them buy milk so that their drink won't smash open the eggs.  I could have put each ingredient in jumbo eggs and then I would be able to put more in, but I want a lunch box full of Easter eggs with each egg being a mystery.

Lets see I have fruit, veggies, sandwich, chips, and a dessert.  I will probably cut a string cheese up into chunks as well (at least for my son).  I'll see how many eggs this really is and if there is room for more.  I may add another grape egg or two.

So if I stick with the egg count there will be three jumbo eggs, and nine regular eggs.  I think I will add a few more grapes to the menu.

Don't spoil the surprise!  I'm hoping I can get their lunch put together and ready for them so they won't know what it is until they open it at lunch. 

You'll need more eggs for the sandwich.  To get it to fit nicely plan on three jumbo eggs (brings the total to 4 jumbo eggs and 10 regular eggs (I added one more grapes).  I cut into 9 squares and put three in an egg:

Here are the pictures of their lunch boxes as promised:

The kids LOVED them and so did their friends.  I even received a "Your mom is SO Cool" comment from a 4th grader.  A+ in my book.  I think my middle school child even liked it. 

For a free printable to put in their lunch box click here

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  1. This is a fun idea. What a lovely lunch surprise! Stopping by from TT&J.


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