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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Primary Printable (Manual 7, Lesson 8)

For the activity at the end of lesson (Enrichment Activity 2) it states to get pictures of temples and church buildings and write their names on separate paper and have the children match it.  I made up a matching activity doing just that:

Google docs wouldn't let me upload it as a word file because it was too large.  As a PDF it was grainy.  I tried a new site: 4shared.com.  It takes larger files.  Leave me a comment as to which one you like best.  The trick to this site though is to make sure you hit the blue download button:
You then need to wait 20 seconds and then click on the link that appears over the countdown (blue underlined words: Download your file now.)

The pictures are mainly of temples, but there are a couple meetinghouses thrown in.  The meetinghouses are in our general area and I had the name of them listed, but for the sake of others I just left it as meetinghouse.  It is a word document so if you choose, you can change the picture to reflect the church building you attend and add the name of the building.  If your local temple isn't included you may want to add that as well.  
After I printed them on card-stock I just cut them into rectangles (I would have laminated them, but my laminator was down for the count).  During class I handed out the pictures to the kids first and kept the names.  I went through the names one at a time and if they thought they had the picture that went with it they held it up.  We did this to become familiar with the matches.  Afterwords we put them face down on the ground and played a game of memory with them.


  1. I was unable to download the game. It says it has been deleted.


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