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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bear Cub Scout Achievement 7d and 7e

*note read this post before doing this activity*

Requirement 7d state: Be sure you know where to get help in your neighborhood.

Requirement 7e states:  Learn the phone numbers to use in an emergency and post them by each phone in your home.

For this activity I made a sheet that they can write down phone numbers on.  One side had phone numbers for emergencies (7e) the other side had phone numbers and addresses for neighbors (7d).  

I put a crease down the center of the form (lining the forms up) and had the kids glue them together and then cut them out.  You can do this, but If I did it again I would cut each one out separately for them (boys do not know how to cut straight or that the pretty colors should be a border).  I would have a card stock cut in half for them to glue it to.  I also brought the local phone book to show them how to look up emergency numbers (right in the front on the blue pages).  I also explained that 911 is an emergency number, but there may be times to call police or fire departments that aren't emergencies so we needed those numbers as well.

NOTE - When it prints it is a solid line for the numbers although it looks like there are spaces.


  1. thanks so much for posting...I'm always stumped on how to pull this scout thing off! You've been a huge help. Keep em' coming!!!!

  2. I will keep them coming as I figure out the scouting thing. Still working on it myself.

  3. I.was so happy to have found this . I was trying to dowmload the form but it kept on saying error . Help please ..thanks



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